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Liquisort Recycling B.V. and Baetsen-Group today announced that they have formed the joint venture Liquisort Baetsen B.V.


Liquisort Baetsen B.V. focuses on the sorting of non-ferrous metal mixes. Among other technologies the main sorting processes are based on the revolutionary patented ‘Magnetic Density Separation’ technology. It involves a sustainable and thus a green processing method realising a significant CO2 reduction.

The joint venture has a specific aim for sorting non-ferrous metal fractions with a particle size up to 25 mm. At their production location in Veldhoven the Netherlands, Liquisort Baetsen operates a hypermodern recycling plant. From the 1st of October 2014 non-ferrous metal mixes, originating from WEEE-recycling, various shredder processes and incineration installations will be sorted in to clean metal fractions.

Liquisort Recycling and Baetsen-Group complement each other both conceptually and substantively very well and have a strong match in terms of business culture and mentality.

About Liquisort Recycling: Liquisort Recycling is a member of the Bakker Magnetics Group of companies (founded in 1971). A global active Dutch family business specialised in the manufacturing of magnetic materials and complex magnetic systems.

About Baetsen-Group: Baetsen Group is a Dutch family business, founded in 1960, focussing on, beside various recycling activities, international transportation, crane and container rental, supply of building materials and earth- and demolition works.


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