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We build ultimate sink-float technology systems

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Liquisort is specialized in the separation of non-ferrous metal mixes and PE/PP mixes by use of the MDS-technology. This sustainable, highly innovative and patented revolutionary sorting method with an exceptional high sorting efficiency makes it possible to sort various metal mixes into clean, separated fractions.

The MDS technology guarantees an exceedingly high degree of purity, resulting in the maximum benefit of the particular separated material flows. Because this separation technology uses just a single property of the material, namely its density, and does not depend on the size or shape of the particles it is possible to achieve an extremely clean separation.

  • State of the art magnetic density separation technology

  • Beats every one in high quality separations

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All activities of Liquisort are completed in a socially responsible manner. Efficient methods and expertise ensures a comprehensive quality. We constantly monitor our processes in order to increase the availability and reliability of our equipment. In all our activities we do strive for pure perfection; in this way we make a positive contribution to the promotion of environmental and human friendly technologies and useful applications.

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